CIS de Champagne Reims, Reims

Decent quality budget accommodation 5 minutes walk from downtown Reims and an ideal base for groups visiting the City. The centre has 84 rooms available, with a total capacity of 217 beds, and is divided into 2 floors and 2 buildings connected to the reception.

The rooms are bright and functional with plenty of storage room and a desk. Students are accommodated in bunk style rooms of up to five beds and leaders in singles or twins. Reduced mobility rooms also available and a choice of rooms with shared or ensuite facilities.


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Biscuit factory – Maison Fossier

Famous for its Biscuits Roses de Reims, a treat awaits any group visiting La Maison Fossier. The visit incorporates the history of the company dating back to 1756, a short film and then a tour around the factory, followed by a tasting. Please note that this visit will be conducted in French so you will need a French speaker with you. Please contact FHT for prices and opening times.

Brie Cheese Farm, Meaux

Take a visit to and taste one of the great French raw milk cheeses at one of the many Cheese Farms in the area. Both Brie de Meaux and Brie de Melun are raw milk cheeses, each being aged a minimum of six weeks and groups will have the chance to see the production processes and storage, as well as a tasting at the end of one of the main producers. Please contact us for details and prices.

Champagne Mercier

Founded in 1858 and located in Epernay, Mercier is one of the many iconic brands in the Champagne region, alongside Moet et Chandon and Mumm, and a great introduction to bubbly for student groups of Hospitality and Catering. A guided visit will take you around Maison Mercier and learn about the heritage laid down by it's founder Eugene Mercier. An elevator ride will take your group down some 30m into their cellars and a laser-guid read more ...

Chocolaterie Deleans

With a fascinating and delicious range of wares, groups can enjoy a 45 minute visit with demonstration and tasting at this traditional Chocolaterie, founded in 1874 and managed by Vincent Frodefond. Please note that this visit will be in French so you will need a French speaker with you. Contact us for prices or if you require a translator.

L’Escargot des Grand Crus, Bouzy

Located approximately 20 km south of Reims, your student group can experience an eye opening and educational visit to one of the well known local snail farms to see how they farm and process the gastropod delicacies! Visits are possible for up to 50 people and during the high season March until September – Entrance prices vary depending upon whether you want a tasting or not ! Please contact us for full details.

Reims Cathedral

A must-visit on any trip to Reims and impossible to avoid given it's sheer size, Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims is the magnificent Gothic masterpiece where the kings of France were once crowned. It was one of the first monuments registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and In 2011 it celebrated its 800th anniversary. It is owned by the State, which directs the renovations and daily maintenance necessary to counter the degrad read more ...

Reims market

Take your Hospitality and Catering around one of the many open air Farmer's markets in Reims and marvel at the range of fresh and delicious ingredients available for purchase. Best day for a visit is usually Tuesday.

Vine Museum Le Phare, Verzenay

Overhanging one of the most prestigious slopes of the Montagne de Reims, the lighthouse of Verzenay and its Musée de la Vigne is a great visit for any Hospitality and Catering student wishing to discover the fascinating world of Champagne. Thanks to a high-tech audiovisual and scenographic system, the visit will allow your group to discover every essential step to produce the most famous wine in the world. Student groups read more ...

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Brilliant. Sharon has been fantastic from the start. We have not been the easiest of customers (changing our mind about the hotel and then who was coming on the trip and we mistyped names on passports, and we changed the room allocations etc etc) and Sharon remained helpful, friendly and professional the whole time. And she also sorted out paying the hotel tax when we were in Barcelona - responding unbelievable quickly to our SOS email! I would not hesitate to recommend FHT to colleagues. Thank you Sharon, we couldn't have done it without you!
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