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Agricultural and horticultural techniques are many and varied and an educational study trip abroad can be an excellent way to demonstrate this diversity to your student group.
Our study trips range from the Biodiversity of the Eden Project, to flower auctions near Amsterdam to the beautiful gardens of Paris, to farming practices in Valencia, and will enhance the content of any agricultural or horticultural course.
Please contact our Educational student trip experts at FHT Group Tours today for your competitively priced quotation and we look forward to inspiring you on your next educational trip in the UK or abroad.


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Our itinerary included three design studio visits. Visits like this would be difficult for students to make separately from the institution. The rest of the trip students are free to make their own choices. New York is the perfect place for them to explore off their own steam. No language barrier, easy to navigate and a lot to do. Its empowering for students to take ownership of their own experience.
-- Sheffield Hallam University, New York, Feb 2017 See all