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London offers  a wide range of  HE , FE and Sixth Form focused educational excurcions With some of the best museums in Europe and our carefully chosen selection of Science workshops, shows, lectures and tours, London is a fantastic and great value destination. London's wide choice of Science related Excurcions draws students from all over the world to experince some of the best science related experinces available. 

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Centre of the Cell (90 mins)

Centre of the Cell is a science education centre based at Queen Mary, University of London and is the first in the world to be located within working biomedical research laboratories. A unique visit here is undertaken with a guide and at least one medical or dental student or scientist. Once inside you’ll cross the bridge to Centre of the Cell’s Pod, which is suspended above the laboratories so you will be able to see research read more ...

Death and Decomposition

The impact of grief and bereavement on forensic investigations, managing PTSD, and a discussion of cultural attitudes to death and the science of decomposition. Then, finish off this incredible journey by learning to analyse a body post-mortem and use all the right tools to complete the job! Please contact our expert team at FHT today for prices and full details of this trip. 

Forensic Outreach Sessions (90 mins)

Explore the world of Forensic Psychology in these interactive 90 minute sessions which can be tailored to meet your own groups’ requirements. Each has a practical component. For more detailed Information on this visit, Please contact one our expert team members at FHT for prices and more.

The Green Walking Tour (2 hours)

This modern and cutting-edge Green Tour will show your groups the absolute latest in sustainability. Highlights include; Visiting the site that kick-started London’s network of sustainable businesses Seeing the world’s first building with integrated wind turbines Learning about the green features of icons such as the London Eye and the Gherkin Seeing the first electric car charging point in London, and lea read more ...

The Thames Barrier Visitor Centre (90 mins)

The Thames Barrier is one of the largest movable flood barriers in the world and the Environment Agency runs and maintains it as well as the London’s other flood defences. An information assistant will give your group a guided tour of the Information Centre and deliver a talk covering topics such as how the barrier works, the History of the River Thames and the risk of flooding in London, as well as describing the environment and wil read more ...

Thorpe Park Science Workshop

This exciting theme park provides plenty of excitement and also 2 workshops for Science students tailored to the age of the students.   The Science of Rollercoasters Workshop (45 mins): Explores key principles of Physics and Mathematics with the inspiring backdrop of Thorpe Parks Resort’s exhilarating coasters. Discover how crucial considerations of accelerations, Newton’s Laws and Forces are in designing and maintaini read more ...

Sleep and Mental Disorder

Most mental disorders are associated with disturbed sleep. It is know that suffering from poor sleep for an extended period can increase the risk of developing a disorder like depression. Sleep deprivation can trigger mania. It is not known what the relationships are, whether poor sleep leads to a mental disorder or a poor sleep is a symptom of a developing mental disorder. This workshop explores the relationships. Please contact our exper read more ...

Sleep and drugs- How does the Brain accommodate the Mind?

This workshop will attempt to answer the question by considering how sleep and drugs affect our mind/mental state. Sleep is a time when our normal perceptions, thinking and reactions to the 'real' world are altered. Similarly, though through quite different mechanisms, drugs or psychiatric medicines also affect our minds. Whilst this workshop is unlikely to answer what is fundamentally a philosophical question it will try (and at least read more ...

*NEW VISIT* 3-D Printing Session (3 hours)

This exciting new session will  be provided by a senior designer at a state of the art store and office in central London. The session will include an introduction to 3-D Printing technology, demonstrations,  a short tour, a Q&A and your chosen souvenir 3-D printed object.  Your visit can be tailored to your main area of interest and level of detail for HE or FE establishments  .  The standard sessions will focus o read more ...

Natural History Museum

The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 70 million items within five main collections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, palaeontology and zoology. Many of the collections have great historical as well as scientific value, such as specimens collected by Charles Darwin. Visit the high-tech Attenborough Studio to watch a 45 minute interactive film entitled 'Who do you think you really are? The film will invol read more ...

Science Museum

The Science Museum is the most visited science and technology museum in Europe. There are over 15,000 objects on display, including world-famous objects such as the Apollo 10 command capsule and Stephenson’s Rocket. The large range of interactive galleries bring to life first scientific principles and contemporary science debates Please contact our expert team at FHT today for prices and full details of this trip. 

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