History in Budapest

A student History trip to Budapest will offer your group a really interesting perspective on the subject as it has only been liberated from the regime of Communism relatively recently.

Icons of the Communist legacy are still visible all over Budapest , from the architecture to the beautiful sub-way system. There are also fascinating museums such as the new House of Terror that so lucidly paints the picture of life under the regime.

However, Budapest also offers a great deal more for traditional  History groups, from the ornate architecture of Buda Castle, to the famous Parliament Building, Memento Park and the Hungarian National Museum, all nestled around the picturesque River Danube. Call us today for your next competitive tailor-made trip.



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Buda Castle

Located in the southern third of Budapest's picturesque Old Town, Buda Castle Palace was established by King Béla IV of Hungary during the 13th century. Over a period of 700 years, the palace was home to many royal residents, including King Lajos the Great, King Matthias and King Charles III. Today the palace houses a number of museums, including the Ludwig Museum, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest Historical read more ...

Budapest History Museum

The collection of the Budapest History Museum is made up of three major parts: Architectural findings, object materials from the city history and works of art. A student visit through the exhibition is a journey through time, which gives your group the opportunity to have a look at relics of the past, ranging from architectural findings that are more than 40,000 years old to posters from the 20th century. After experiencing&n read more ...

Godollo Castle

The Royal Palace of Gödöllö is the largest baroque palace in Hungary and the second biggest in surface area in Europe after Versailles, famous for its history and unique architecture. The Palace is in the centre of the property in Gödöllö with its Grand Hall resplendent in white and gold, richly painted rooms, red marble bath and conservatory, huge riding school, Baroque theatre and large park and is a wealthy rep read more ...

Holocaust Memorial Centre

A visit here will unveil the history of the Hungarian Holocaust, displayed in award winning mix of classical and modern architecture. The Holocaust Memorial Centre demonstrates this history by recounting and presenting the suffering, persecution and massacre of Hungarian nationals - mainly Jews and the Romany - condemned to annihilation in the name of the racial ideology of the Nazis. A moving visit for student groups which will bring 20th Cen read more ...

Hospital in the Rock

A fascinating Military hospital and nuclear bunker from WW II and the years of the Cold War. The exhibition in the labyrinths under the Royal Palace illustrates the atmosphere of the tragic final days of World War II, and later, the chill and naïveté of the early days of the Cold War in original surroundings. Few exhibitions bring you so close to the true feeling of those frightening weeks, months and years. Contact FHT for entranc read more ...

House of Terror

One of the most powerful museums in Europe, illustrating the grim decades of Nazi and Communist repression in Hungary, is located in the former headquarters for the secret police of both the Nazi and Communist governments. This is an interesting visit for History students in particular. Contact FHT for student group entrance prices and opening times.

Hungarian National Museum

As the name implies the Hungarian National Museum is the place to find out about the fascinating and varied history of this country, right from the ancient to the modern day.The museum building is in Budapest VIII and was built in the Classical style 1837-47 by the architect Mihály Pollack.

Memento Park

When regimes fall, so do their monuments. Budapest removed the giant statues from it’s streets but saved them as souvenirs of totalitarianism and shows them off at the Memento Park. Take your History group to the Live open air Socialist Realism exhibition with 42 giant statues removed from Budapest streets after the change of political system. Guided tours can be arranged.

Zwack Unicum Rt

We look forward to welcoming you to the Zwack Unicum Heritage Visitors’ Centre for a taste of Hungary and of Unicum, its most popular drink! The Museum follows the story of a drink and a family that spans six generations and goes hand in hand with the history of Hungary.  The Zwack Museum covers the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, followed by World War One and the carefree boom years between the wars when the Duke of Wind read more ...

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