Safety, Security & The Environment

Before Your Study Tour

Once you have confirmed your booking (see How to Book), you will remain in the hands of your experienced and knowledgeable Study Tours Consultant, who will be on hand to:

  • Promptly answer any queries you may have
  • Assist with any problems that may arise e.g. drop in numbers
  • Advise on any number of issues, e.g. name change repercussions
  • Plan your itinerary visits and timings with you
  • Ensure you are issued with up to date invoices showing any changes
  • Remind you of deadlines concerning tour paperwork and/or payments
  • Get your paperwork and/or tickets out on time
  • Issue vouchers for all services prebooked and prepaid

During Your Study Tour

The majority of educational study tours run very smoothly, but occasionally things do not go according to plan; you can have problems with cancelled or delayed flights, lost passports etc. When these things happen, it is reassuring to have a back-up in the form of your dedicated Consultant.

Talk to the Supplier

Initially, those closest to the issue, e.g. the airline representative, hotelier, or agent may be in the best position to assist you locally. Please do discuss your issues directly with these people first as this is how most problems are quickly solved. If you have no success here, contact us back in the UK for assistance to give us a chance to rectify any issues and ensure your continued enjoyment of the tour.

During Office Hours (08.00-17.00)

Your Consultant will be available during normal office hours to discuss any queries and assist with any situations that may arise. If your Consultant is not available for any reason, e.g. on holiday, another member of our team will be able to assist in their stead.

Out of Office Hours

Call the usual office number (Universities call: 01279 658221 Colleges call: 0845 644 6348) and you will go through to our Out of Office response team. In case of an on-tour emergency, they will contact the duty officer to call you back immediately. If the call is not an emergency, your details will be taken and one of the Consultants will contact you as soon as possible inside office hours.

After The Study Tour

On your return we are really keen to speak to you to ensure all your student group trip arrangements went smoothly and that your student group enjoyed themselves. Your Tour Consultant will contact you to discuss the tour and we would really appreciate your comments via the Feedback Form which will be sent to you; this helps us to continue improving our service to groups.
Anything else you can send us would be great – your postcards, tour blogs, group photographs and articles will all be gratefully received. DON’T FORGET we’ll pay £50 for any that we use in our promotional material. You can submit these via Facebook or alternatively email us at