David Craven

Non Executive Chairman

I have been involved in educational travel for over 39 years. Prior to my involvement with NGT I was the Managing Director of one of the UK’s other leading educational travel companies for 25 years. I was also a founder member of the School Travel Forum.

As Non Executive Chairman of Next Generation Travel, I am responsible for working with the board to set the strategy and the direction for the business.

The reasons I became involved in Next Generation Travel when we set up in 2010 were twofold. Firstly, I believed that as a result of the consolidation in the educational travel market there was an opportunity for a highly experienced and specialist team to deliver exceptional tours that could be tailored towards a specific subject or area of learning. Secondly, I wanted to work with a team which share common values and have a genuine passion for educational tours. It is therefore very rewarding to see that our approach, our values and our passion have led to the success which is evident from this website and I look forward to supporting the team as we work towards achieving our Vision.