Visit a Care Home for people with Dementia on on your university or college trip to Amsterdam.

Vreugdehof is a care home for people with dementia, which prides itself on its high standards of care, kind attitude and high quality medical treatment.

Featuring a beautiful garden with a pond, pergolas and spacious terrace where citizens can enjoy breath of fresh air, enjoy the sun and listen to classical music; this forward-thinking care home lives by a series of refreshingly warm-hearted values. 

This home even has a ‘snuggle-street’ to make the life of the residents more relaxed and fulfilling. This street consists of themed rooms which are built to stimulate the senses of the residents with light, incense, warm and cold objects and music.

The visit consists of a two hour tour of the care home, with insight to ‘snuggle-street’ and a wider look at the nature of elderly care in the Netherlands.

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