Explore the Corrie Ten Boom Museum on your university or college trip to Amsterdam.

The Ten Boom family were devout Christians who opened their home to those hunted by the Nazis.

The Corrie Ten Boom Museum is located in the house where three generations of the Ten Boom family lived between 1837 and 1945. During the tour, visitors receive information about Corrie and her family and about the events that took place in the Ten Boom house before and during the Second World War.

The exhibition will take you back in time and delivers a poignant story of hope and resistance, where visitors can see first hand the ‘hiding place’ behind a false wall, where four Jews and two Dutch resistance fighters hid from the Gestapo. 

The Corrie ten Boom Museum can only be visited with a guided tour, which are conducted each week Tuesday to Saturday, lasting approximately one hour.

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