Explore the Peace Palace on your university or college trip to Amsterdam.

The Peace Palace is globally known as the temple of peace and justice.

For centuries, Europe was torn apart by bloody wars, during which a series of Peace organisations were established all over the world, fueled by the ideas of well-known writers and pacifists. 

Then, Russian Tsar Nicholas II organised the international peace conference, and during the First Hague Peace Conference in 1899, 26 countries met to discuss disarmament and the possibility of international justice.

The foundation of the Peace Palace was laid during the Second Peace Conference, where the building served as a home for a legal institution, embodying the dream of world peace that had been cherished for decades.

During your tour, a guide will tell you about the building and about the institutions housed in it; with a visit through the Great and Small Hall of Justice, the corridors and the Japanese Room, giving your students an impression of the most beautiful rooms of the Palace.

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