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CRAM is a foundation that works for the conservation and recovery of marine animals and is dedicated to protect the marine environment and the species that inhabit it.

Through the visit you will see what is happening to the marine environment and what the foundation do to help.

Exhibition "In favor of biodiversity, a sea of hope"

In this exhibition you can see the biodiversity that exists in the Mediterranean, the threats the species inhabiting it face, and what CRAM does in order to protect them and thus contribute to the marine conservation.

Sharks and finning

Shark population has a general tendency to decrease. Reasons for the decline of shark population worldwide are loss of habitat, marine pollution, bycatch, and especially overexploitation. Furthermore they are victims of a practice called finning, which involves cutting off shark's fins when in open sea and then discarding its body at sea.

Veterinary center

The recovery center has top-quality facilities specifically designed for the treatment of cetaceans, sea turtles and birds.

The building is specifically designed for the tasks we undertake and it’s possible to look in on the work we carry out inside these buildings through large glass windows.


They are in several pools and tanks where they are treated and ensure their release into the ocean as quickly as possible. There are also some aviaries for seabird recovery.

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