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Walking Tours

Join our local artist and discover the identity of the city by visiting some of its most actively creative street art districts: Poblenou & Paral.lel - Raval

Poblenou: Also known as the catalan Manchester, this district rapidly developed after the industrial revolution in the 19th century and most of the remaining factory buildings have been transformed into art studios. cultural centers and artisans markets, attracting street artists to contribute with their stamp to this vibrant neighborhood.

lel – Raval: In the heart of Barcelonas city center. El Raval is the most Civerse and multicultural district in the city. For decades it has been known as the favorite spot for skaters and street artists. This urban culture is still very present and active nowadays -yet regulated by law and it represents an icon of the identity of the city.



Discover new hidden talents by exploring new materials techniques and tools in the creation of either individual or collective hands-on projects. All material and tools are supplied.


Group Painting (2.5hrs): Ideal for participants who value diversity while being part of a community, this workshop guides you through a step-by-step methodology to achieve a shared objective: each one's individual interpretation of the same artwork. We might look the same, but each person is an unique creation... just like the results!


Graffiti / Mural: Yes, that’s right! Your own mural! Or at least temporarily, you know :) This is the perfect opportunity to participate in a full hands-on graffiti art project. From the sketching to the painting, it will be a purposeful guided group activity on a real wall.


Fluid Art: (2.5hrs) This trendy way of art will allow to you modify the properties of the medium (water-based acrylic painting) to experience new possibilities and create unique abstract flowy artworks We will make use of gravity to  channel the liquid painting and we will explore some new tools to add additional effect and textures to the result.


Collective Painting: (2.5hrs) ideal for team-building and groups with common goals, in this fun activity you will take part in a collective abstract painting with your colleagues or friends. The only rule is to create balance and harmony in the composition through colour - And, yes, you will decide what to cover and when to stop.



Choose any art topic of your interest and be ready to learn first-hand from an expert artist. We will share new information and tips about your chosen topic that will empower you to explore and practice new expressive creative possibilities. No previous experience required: all the contents will be adapted to the group's level.

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