Tiananmen Square, Beijing

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Tiananmen Square is the heart and one might argue the symbol of Beijing. A huge square (the world's largest) with buildings of great importance on all sides. Student groups will see the Tiananmen Gate ( the Gate of Heavenly Peace ) and the Rostrum from where Chairman Mao announced the declaration of the Chinese Republic in 1949.  The Gate leads on to the Imperial or Forbidden City of the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties. Looking to the right from the Tiananmen Gate to the west you will find the Great Hall of the People to the left to the East you will find the Museum of History and Revolution, whilst some 880m to the south you will see in front of you the Mausoleum to Chairman Mao which houses his body which can be viewed daily.

In the square itself you will also find the Monument to the People'e Heroes built over 50 years ago to commemorate those who died since 1840 in the pursuit of change and revolution. 

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