Explore the Berlin Wall Panorama on your university or college trip to Berlin.

This unique experience reflects on the atmosphere and day to day life of 1980s Berlin in the shadows of the Berlin Wall, where the division had become a normal and accepted part of being in the city. The creator of the attraction grew up in the GDR himself and lived in West Berlin after 1978, visualising his everyday experiences in divided Berlin into a snapshot of the mood, which has then projected on a large scale.

The Panorama transports visitors to the Kreuzberg area of Berlin where the 1980s alternative scene is booming, despite a several metre wide 'death strip' and its border fences separating east and west.

The Berlin Wall Panorama highlights the daily routines of the divided city in numerous interweaving scenes and settings over a period of twenty five years. More than a hundred photo motifs from the time of the Berlin Wall and of the day of the fall of the wall in 1989 serve as an introduction to the project in the first exhibition room.

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