Explore the Computerspiele Museum on your university or college trip to Berlin.

The Computerspiele Museum is the first European museum for video and computer games, featuring an expansive exhibition of more than 300 objects.

From rare originals, to old classics and unique pieces of art, the museums various exhibits will take your students on an entertaining journey through 21st century gaming and computing. 

Inside the museum, you are welcomed by a more than life-size Lara Croft gathered on a historical spiralling staircase. There, you will encounter the famous Nimrod, widely credited as the first computer game ever, a huge contraption boasting 480 vacuum tubes that was presented on the 1951 West-Berlin Industrial Fair. 

The museum also features a regularly updated special exhibition; along with a 3D-simulator and retro classics such as Donkey KongAsteroids and Space Invaders.

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