Explore the Topography of Terror on your university or college trip to Berlin.

This insightful exhibition is located at the historical heart of Nazi terror between 1933 and 1945.

This includes the Gestapo, which has its own 'house prison'; as well as illustrating its connections to the SS leadership, the security services of the SS and the main office of the 'Reichssicherheitshauptamt'.

Students will be able to visit the site where the persecution and extermination of Nazi political opponents was organised and managed, and the genocide of European Jews and Sinti and Roma was coordinated.

The exhibition examines the history of the location, as well as other institutions of terror in the vicinity of the Nazi government district. It is also supported by fifteen information stations, as well as another exhibition that is available outside from spring to autumn, showcasing the remaining exposed cellar walls along Niederkirchnerstraße.

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