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The Movieum of London (now known as the London Film Museum), contains a collection of movie and TV memorabilia, including items from Doctor Who, Star Wars and Bond movies. The collection includes costumes, props and film sets, making it a valuable study trip for Media and Film studies groups to London.

Located at County Hall, just a short walk from one of the other great cinematic London attractions, like the British Film Institute’s Southbank Centre and almost it's adjacent to the London Eye.

The museum’s highlights include the ‘Made in Britain’ exhibition, dedicated to the blockbuster films that have been made in the UK, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, and Alien. The museum also celebrates London's contribution to cinema, including an exhibition devoted to the great London-born-and-bred Charlie Chaplin, the iconic director and actor.

Other highlights include ‘People Behind the Camera’, dedicated to those people behind the scenes; the ‘Genres’ section, where you will learn about the history of cinema’s great generic styles; ‘The History of the Studios’, where you will learn about the great film studios, from Pinewood to MGM; and the ‘How Films Are Made’ feature, where you discover the step-by-step process of making a movie.

The Museum of London is also home to some terrific artifacts, including Jack Nicholson’s costume from Batman, a spear from Zulu, and Christopher Reeves’ Superman tunic.

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