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Student groupsĀ from 7-18 years are able to enjoy a stimulating year-round programme of visits. Your group can choose a themed workshop and also tour the awe-inspiring Palace of Westminster, making it a really inspiring visit to London.

Visits begin with a tour of the Palace of Westminster, providing the context for learning about the work and role of Parliament. A choice of curriculum-focused workshops follows, including a question and answer session with your school's MP, subject to their availability at the time of your visit. A letter must be sent to your local MP or member of the House of Lords to arrange a date.

For Key stage 5 visits, the workshop is on making laws. We all have to obey laws, but how are they made? Your students will find out by following the process of a bill from the spark of an idea to the Queen putting pen to paper.

These tours, which are free, take 75 minutes approximately and are extremely popular so you are urged to book early to facilitate this. Bookings are taken from four months out.

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