Take a Thorpe Park Science Workshop on your university or college trip to London.

This thrill-packed theme park provides ample excitement for students, accompanied by two interactive science workshops. Combining the fun of the park with the underlying technical knowledge of the rides and attractions, these informative sessions enable your students to comprehend the theme park in a whole new way. 

The Science of Rollercoasters Workshop: Explore key principles of physics and mathematics with the inspiring backdrop of Thorpe Park Resort’s exhilarating coasters. Discover how crucial considerations of accelerations and Newton’s Laws and Forces are in designing and maintaining Stealth, The SWARM and our other thrilling rides, as well as ensuring the safety of all their guests. 

Design and Technology: This workshop offers your students the chance to understand some of the basic principles of roller coaster design and the fantastic engineering feats required. Get a behind the scenes understanding of the theming of rides and scenery, as well as how the park creates a unique experience for their guests.

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