Enjoy Graffiti Street Art Tours and Workshops on your university or college trip to New York.

We offer a selection of awarding-winning graffiti street art tours and workshops, which highlight the most contemporary and cutting-edge trends in the artistic field at any given time. They illustrate all types of public art including classic graffiti, wheatpaste, stencil art, yarn bombing and tape art. Our walking tours and workshops include:

Walking Tour: On this tour your group will look at tags, throw ups, and learn more about today’s graffiti culture. You will then take a stroll through the Centrifuge art project that is using the New York City Subway as its canvas. This tour is in and around the Lower East Side and Bowery areas of Manhattan and lasts approximately ninety minutes.

Workshop: We can organise a hands-on team building workshop experience for your students, where they will complete a collaborative mural project. This is run by working artists and is run at the highest level of integrity, sharing technical graffiti skills as well as a overarching insight to art education. A workshop can accompany a tour or can be standalone.

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