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Experience how the people in the past reach the island of “ EL PALMAR” on the ”albuferenc”(regional vessel), in those days there were not roads so the “albuferenc” was used for carrying goods and people.

Nowadays, three bridges have been built to join the island to the mainland, and the “albuferencs” have been kept for tourist tours. Take this boat ride and enjoy L'Albufera Wetlands, an outstanding natural place.

Island “El Palmar and Boat” - guided visit:

This cultural excursion will take you to “El Palmar” Island, a picturesque fishing village by the L'Albufera Lake.

You will observe the native fauna, nesting and migrating birds and the reed beds called “matas”. You will also see how the “redol” works. Discover the overwhelming tranquility and beauty of this natural park.

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