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On the Northern outskirts of Valencia lies the City of Fallero Artists - a deeply Valencian district where many of the Fallas are produced in the workshops by the best in the trade. The Guild of Fallero Artists have their own museum there, in contrast to the official Museo Fallero

This museum houses many more ninots from the Fallas, and more radical ones. A fascinating exhibition of every first prize winner lets you see how the themes of the Fallas have evolved. You can also follow the whole process of making, from sketch to the last coat of paint - particularly awe-inspiring is a full size Falla with all the stages on it - the intricacy of the wooden carcass beneath is a real eye-opener on the mastery of these artists. Plus you can follow how the making has evolved - from the first medieval piles of clothes hanged on a frame to the modern industry. 

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