30 Years Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall

This week discover more about life in the East and when the Wall fell. To commemorate 30 years since the wall came down we’ve pulled together information on how this memorable event is being talked about.

On Thursday 7th November BBC4 is showing a series of programmes dedicated to the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Here’s what’s on:

London Calling: Cold War Letters explores the story of Letters Without Signature, a radio programme on the BBC’s German Service which gave East German citizens a chance to write anonymously about life under the communist regime.

Reporter John Simpson revisits his reports on the collapse of the Berlin Wall in The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Followed by The Secret Life of the Berlin Wall which takes a look at the human stories shaped by the Wall, looking at the lives of spies, informers and agents moving between east and west.

Online information:

National Archives has a dedicated Cold War season featuring first hand stories, original documentation and upcoming events

The Imperial War Museum is running a series of events and exhibitions in London and Manchester. You’ll also find a range of useful information on their website including a Cold War timeline, iconic images from the time and a range of content featuring a series of object records

The BBC are posting some of their original footage and images online.

Explore this useful Berlin Wall map or take a look at what Berlin is doing this month to document the anniversary.

Test your knowledge with these Cold War quizzes:

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