5 free things to do on a trip to New York

New York definitely lives up to its title as “the city that never sleeps”, with non-stop culture and entertainment. But sometimes, taking in as much culture as possible can end up costing quite a lot. Luckily, New York has plenty of things you can do without spending a penny.

If you’re travelling on a budget, here are a few free things you can do.

1) Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic New York landmark, and walking across it, whether from Manhattan to Brooklyn or Brooklyn to Manhattan, is a great way to truly appreciate the city’s incredible skyline. One thing to remember is that there are separate lanes for pedestrians and cyclists. Make sure you don’t stray into the wrong lane, unless you want to feel the wrath of angry cyclists!

2) Enjoy free entry to museums

New York is home to a whole host of amazing museums and art galleries, but visiting all of these can end up being quite expensive. However, some museums have certain days where entry is free. MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), for example, offers free admission for all visitors during UNIQLO Free Friday Nights, which run every Friday from 4pm to 8pm.

For the fashion-conscious tourist, the Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) offers free admission to exhibitions all week (except Sundays and Mondays, when it is closed).

3) Take a ride on the Staten Island ferry

The Staten Island ferry runs between Manhattan and Staten Island and is completely free. The journey takes around 25 minutes and is a great way to take in the Manhattan skyline, as well as the famous Statue of Liberty, all without spending a penny.

4) Spend a day in Central Park

You could easily spend an entire day exploring Central Park and still not see everything it has to offer. If you’re short on time, Strawberry Fields and the ‘Imagine’ John Lennon memorial is a must-see. If you’ve got more time, however, just sit back, relax and watch people from all walks of life pass by.

5) Take a tour of Brooklyn Brewery

An absolute must for beer-lovers, Brooklyn Brewery offers free tours on Saturdays and Sundays. You can’t book ahead for these free tours, they are strictly on a first come, first served basis. However, they run every half hour, so you don’t need to worry about missing one.

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