Here’s what to expect when visiting FlyOver Iceland in 2020

If you have heard of FlyOver Iceland, you’re probably aware of its engrossing new ride; an experience which gives the feeling of flight as you hang suspended, feet dangling, before a 20-metre spherical screen. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the experience immerses visitors in real high-resolution film footage of Iceland taken from above.

But what else should you know before you visit? We have answered your top questions about to expect when visiting FlyOver Iceland in 2020, from what happens on the ride, to what else is included in your visit and more.

So take a look below to find out what you should know before visiting FlyOver Iceland in 2020…

It’s more than just a ride

Before the flight-ride experience, you will enjoy two shows which explore the roles of nature, time and humankind in Iceland. From volcanoes and glaciers to trolls and Vikings, it's a powerful experience which will lead your students through two unique adventures that will ignite their imagination with fascinating stories of Iceland and its people.

You will begin your experience in a Viking longhouse, where they will be immersed in the atmospheric tales of an Icelandic storyteller. By the light of the crackling fire, your group will listen to a mesmerising stories, with creative shadow projections to bring the tales to life.

Next, in the ‘Well of Time’, you will journey through Iceland’s history, exploring the forces of nature as your guide Sú Vitra leads you through three different acts. The character based on local troll legends, symbolises the wisdom and enchantment of Iceland.


It’s totally immersive

Next, it’s time for the ride. It feels like you are flying when you are lifted off of the ground; moving, coasting and soaring above the breathtaking Icelandic landscapes. The footage lets you experience locations that most visitors and locals would never usually see, so it really is Iceland like you’ve never seen it before.

The experience surrounds you and is totally different from simply sitting in a theatre and watching a film. On the FlyOver Iceland ride, you are totally surrounded and immersed by the visuals before you. The dome experience; including the state-of-the-art projection system, high resolution footage and seamless circular screen, are all the very best available in the world.

It is also aesthetically mesmerising. Igniting all your five senses, the ride is an incredibly beautiful and powerful experience that will stay with you and your students forever. The carefully curated series of motions take you on a journey; lifting you along as you move in coordination with the way the camera moved when the scenes were originally filmed. There are also tactile elements; including smell and wind mist, further enhancing that sense of reality.

How long it lasts

The total length of the experience is around 35-40 minutes, including the two preshow experiences and a brief pre-flight briefing.

The length of the ride itself lasts 8.5 minutes.

Experience it for yourself!

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