Q&A with Banbury College on their trip to Berlin

Mat from Banbury College very kindly agreed to have a quick Q&A with us about his recent trip to Berlin. Bad weather meant that the group suffered disruption to their travel plans. Here Mat talks a little about the disruption to the trip and how FHT supported the group. He also tells us about his trip highlights and recommendations for other group leaders.

What was the age of students on the trip?

15-19 yrs

What subject/s did the trip cover?

Health and Social care

Why did you choose to visit Berlin?

Glasernes Labor, Body Worlds Museum, Berlin Museum of Medical History,Ottobck Science Centre

Out of all the visits you did which did you enjoy the most and why?

Body Worlds Museum was the student’s favourite experience due to what was exhibited and the fact it was real people who donated their body to science.

You opted to make your own transport arrangements around Berlin, how did you find this?

We used the travel pass which gave us freedom to explore.

Do you have any tips for other group leaders planning to visit Berlin? If so, what are they?

Follow the guidance given by FHT as well as research the areas first so you have a rough idea about what you are about to do. Plan activities within your activities for the students to focus on.

Why do you choose a tour operator to organise your trips?

Ease and peace of mind.

What made you choose FHT?

I found them through an internet search whilst at the same time looking at other operators but FHT had better links and communication as we were planning.

Extreme weather meant your travel plans were disrupted. Please could you tell us a little bit about what happened and how FHT supported you?

Snow in the UK meant 2 flights were cancelled. The first we knew about and so FHT organised an extra night in our hotel and a hot meal. The second, we were at the gate at the airport and it was cancelled.FHT were amazing throughout, trying to organise meals, rooms and just general support.

If you could sum up your experience with FHT in 3 words what would they be?

Professional, Friendly, Amazing.

As a teacher/lecturer what do you think are the benefits of taking your students on this trip?

It opens up a new perspective to students that the normal classroom cannot offer. You see the students in a different light, as they do you. It forms new friendships and offers new challenges to build attributes for the future.

Have the students said what their highlights were and if so what are they?

Exploring the city, Body Worlds and making new friends with students on different levels.

You mentioned you often alter the country each year for returning students? Please could you give a little detail as to why?

I can teach a single student for up to 3 years and so I want them to experience different opportunities. Different European cities is one of the ways of doing this.