Reasons to organise a college trip in 2020

There are a multitude of reasons why organising an educational trip is an enriching experience for your students. Particularly at college level, a study tour aligns with your student’s newfound sense of independence at a stage where they move on from high school and are starting to think more practically about university or starting a career.

This concise two-year study period provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your students learning with rich educational travel experiences that bring to life the lessons taught in the classroom. If you need some more inspiration, take a look below where we have listed our top reasons to organise a trip in 2020.


Learning outside the classroom

Taking your college students on a study tour will give valuable opportunities to immerse themselves in a brand new culture, recognise social differences and understand local lifestyles. These experiences will not only enrich their practical learning whilst travelling, but these real-world experiences will continue to enhance their learning well after returning to classroom studies.

Particularly at college level, the benefits of learning outside the classroom are immeasurable for students who have just discovered a newfound sense of freedom and independence. Alongside a trips educational value, college trips will also encourage your students to think for themselves and take responsibility for their actions, qualities which are an invaluable asset throughout their current studies and in higher education.


Boost student’s self-confidence

The developmental benefits for students from travelling is invaluable. Not only does it develop self-esteem, but it also builds students sense of responsibility, self-confidence and self-belief. Whether it is learning new creative skills in a photography workshop in London, exploring the rich historical sites of New York or delving into the artistic masterpieces in Berlin, our sixth form trips are designed to encourage your students to learn and grow.

According to Learning Away, 87% of students felt more confident to step outside of their comfort zone and take on new educational challenges after an educational trip. This is exactly why we include enriching educational experiences that push your students to get out their comfort zones and build their confidence.


Developing relationships

In addition to gaining valuable insights in your academic field, college study trips give students an opportunity to bond with their classmates and get to know their teacher or lecturer better. Spending longer periods of quality time together help develop relationships; whether it is simply chatting with their peers during the journey or witnessing a teacher take a wider leadership role, a study trip allows participants to develop closer relationships to their peers and teachers, which are sustained throughout the year.

Brilliant Residentials’ findings suggest that this positive side effect is experienced by around 84% of students, who stated that they felt their social connections with classmates had strengthened post-trip.


Ignite their passion for the subject

It can sometimes be difficult to maintain a sense of passion for the subject in a classroom environment. Travel will ignite their sense of enthusiasm for the subject, as well as providing valuable opportunities to apply skills learnt in the classroom to a real-life environment.

This is a huge confidence-builder for many students, as it provides a sense of accomplishment that will fuel their passion for learning and improving further. Brilliant Residentials’ findings also state that 71% of older students felt more motivated to concentrate and learn following an educational study trip.


Fond long-lasting memories

Lastly, your college trip will ultimately leave your students with positive, long-lasting memories of their travel experience. It will combine practical lessons with the chance to travel, spend time with friends, meet new people and experience a new culture.

Seeing more of the world will broaden their horizons and will inevitably stay with them well beyond their educational-life. It is also a great opportunity to strengthen your relationships with students, build trust and bond with them on a personal level, which will go on to enhance your lessons back in the classroom.


Here are some subjects you may be interested in if you're looking at planning a tailored trip:


Tailor your trip

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