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Top destinations for a sixth form trip in 2020

There are so many reasons why organising an educational trip is an enriching experience for your students. Particularly at sixth form level, a study tour aligns with your student’s newfound sense of independence at a stage where they move on from high school and are starting to think more practically about university or starting a career.

This concise two-year study period provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your students learning with rich educational travel experiences that bring to life the lessons taught in the classroom. So if you need some inspiration for where to visit in 2020, take a look below for our top recommended travel destinations for sixth form groups next year.



London is a fantastic destination for sixth form students to visit on an educational trip. Our capital city is bustling with an array of iconic landmarks and world class museums, overflowing with creativity, culture and opportunities. Also, as a typically ‘young’ city, your students will be inspired by London’s exciting fast-paced vibe and its vast prospects for young people.

In a rapidly evolving environment, London is an ideal destination for Photography students hoping to find inspiration in a fast-paced, colourful setting, where they can refine their skills and create new art. Additionally, our new Criminology itinerary focusses on the changing face of modern crime and surveillance, in the context one of the fastest-moving modern civilisations in the world.

Remember that we organise a range of sixth form trips to London, including our new itineraries for Criminology and Photography, so take a look on our website to find out more!



Once a city split in two, since 1990 the German capital has become a world-renowned hub of art, history and culture. Modern Berlin is buzzing with colour and inspiration, plus with the start of a new decade, there is so much going on in 2020. Your sixth form group can choose to tie in your visit with a range of exciting events; whether it be the light festival in spring and autumn, the array of dance and art festivals in summer, or world-famous Christmas markets in winter – there is so much to see and do!

We organise a range of sixth form trips to Berlin, including our new itineraries for Art & Design and History. Take a look on our website to find out more!


New York

Most people agree that New York is a major item on their travel list to tick off. However, sixth form groups can particularly benefit from a trip to the ‘big apple’. A trip to New York will push your sixth form students out of their comfort zone and help them develop a deeper sense of responsibility and self-confidence.

Plus, next year marks the beginning of the 100th anniversary of the start of the roaring 20’s. Particularly for sixth form history students, this offers an excellent opportunity to visit the city almost one century on from the beginning of a chain of events that shaped modern America; from the ‘Boom and Bust’, to Civil Rights and the Vietnam and Cold War right up to the events of the early 21st Century.

We organise a range of sixth form trips to New York, including our new itineraries for History, Business and Politics. Take a look on our website to find out more!



Iceland is the ideal destination to visit for all students of Geography and Science. Its rugged geographic features and epic natural sites make it the perfect destination for sixth form students to deepen their knowledge and witness unique ecological features first-hand. Whether it’s exploring glaciers, geysers and gushing waterfalls, to wandering active volcanoes, craggy volcanic beaches and swimming in geothermal waters – there are so many diverse experiences for your sixth form students in Iceland.

Plus, there is an immense range of exciting events which you can tie your visit in with in 2020. Whether it’s Reykjavík Arts Festival in June, International Film Festival in September, or visiting in peak season for the northern lights.

We organise a range of sixth form trips to Iceland, including our new itineraries for Geography and Science. Take a look on our website to find out more!


Tailor your trip

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