Why London is a fascinating study destination for Criminology students

1. Britain boasts a fascinating history of crime

Britain has a fascinating criminal history, particularly in the context of Victorian London. Whether it’s studying the prevalence of petty theft to the effect of murder cases such as Jack the Ripper, this period of intense economic hardship is a stimulating topic for budding criminology students. 

The murders of Jack the Ripper in 1888 were confined to a small area of London's East End in Whitechapel, but provoked a nation-wide panic whipped up by press sensationalism. Taking a criminology trip to London is an excellent opportunity to scratch beneath the surface of this popular murder case and experience the key historical locations on the ‘Jack the Ripper walking tour’ (included on our two-day tour).

Additionally, there is a plethora of other ‘lesser-known’ Victorian criminal cases for your students to learn about too. Applying lessons learned in the classroom to a real criminal case is an excellent way to contextualise key elements of criminal justice, as well as bringing some of the heavier subject matter to life.

On our two and three-day criminology tours, your students can conduct an investigation in Victorian times focussed around the case of Catherine Eddowes. Your group will explore what happened and how was investigated in Victorian times, as well as exploring what we would we do differently today in comparison.

2. London is one of the most surveilled cities in the world

As one of the most highly surveilled cities in the world, London averages around 68 cameras per 1000 people. In the modern day, surveillance is also a prominent part of the counter terrorism strategy, along with the use of CCTV and other forms of monitoring.

The topic of surveillance links in with a range of other topical issues related to human rights, primary articles and the concept of authorised surveillance too. Therefore, your students will also have the opportunity to explore these subjects in greater depth on our two and three-day trips, as well as conducting a ‘Foot Surveillance Exercise’ starting at The Gherkin.

Similarly, a first-hand exploration of London’s surveillance systems will make it easier for your students to understand how it influences daily life in one of the world’s leading financial centres. Whether it is asking key questions such as ‘are we an intrusive society’ to exploring the different forms of social control.

3. You can experience the iconic Royal Courts of Justice

London also boasts a large collection of iconic venues that are pivotal to modern and historical criminal justice. From the Crown Court and Court of Appeal to the Old Bailey and Courts of Justice, there is so much to experience in the British capital.

Included on our two-day criminology tour, you will embark on a guided tour of the Royal Courts of Justice, followed by an educational session in a working court room. This is an excellent opportunity for your students to experience the everyday workings of a functioning courtroom. 

4. Learn from a former Detective Sergeant and Intelligence Officer

On our one and two-day criminology tours, you will be accompanied (for one day) by our specialist guide, Richard Burgess. As one of the specialist guides from the WorkSecure Group, Richard is a former Detective Sergeant and Intelligence Officer where part of his portfolio was to manage the Covert Authorities Bureau for Essex Police, including Informant Management and Instruction to Authorising Officers.

He has worked covertly at national and international level within the intelligence community and on covert serious and organised crime investigation and disruption including the use of counter surveillance techniques. He is also a former agent handler and anti and counter surveillance operative, so there is an abundance of knowledge and diverse professional experience for Richard to share with your students.

Being accompanied by a knowledgeable and engaging guide during your time in London will ensure that your students are perceptive and ready to fully engage with the subject content, supporting their learning throughout the practical sessions.

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