Located just over two hours from London by Eurostar, Brussels is a city of great importance for Law and Politics student groups as it is the home of the European Parliament.

However, it also has a range of excellent group educational study visits for Business Studies, Art and Design or Hospitality and Catering students.

Swirling out from the city's classically medieval centre, Brussels houses an exquisite combination of regal 19th century architecture, side-by-side with modern art-deco districts and unexpectedly bright and colourful interiors. Students will have the opportunity to explore the city's enchanting medieval squares, winding cobbled streets and towering Gothic cathedrals - but as the centre of the European Union, Brussels is also the pivotal centre of business and international politics in Europe, ideal for students of Business Studies or Law & Politics.

Teeming with contemporary art galleries and a flourishing art-scene, Brussels is simply a must for budding Art & Design students too. Attracting artists from around the world, studios and galleries showcase diverse works in a collection of stunning spaces and venues.

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The whole booking process was handled professionally and with no stress to myself or colleagues

University of Bolton | Budapest

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Very happy with the support received throughout

Hereford College of Arts

A well planned tour that had all the students and staff falling in love with Berlin. Accommodation was in an excellent location and transport cards gave the party full access to the exceptional transport infrastructure system. The educational visits were the best we have received to date and the feedback has been positive from all trip participants. Can't wait to go again!

Erica Drew