BTEC Students of Criminology, Psychology and Sociology can study how this once thriving Jewish community of the 19th Century was tragically persecuted during the Nazi occupation.

Krakow is an poignant location to analyse the persecution that took place and to study the many questions that the Holocaust raises in terms of conformity, obedience, ethics, morality, and persecution.

Our expert local guides will take you through Kazimierz, Krakow's Jewish Quarter and on to Podgorze wartime ghetto to begin the story. Your students will also make the emotional and highly significant journey to Auschwitz. 

A unique visit in Krakow is the Galicia Museum, which offers a chance to meet either a Holocaust Survivor or a Member of the Righteous Among the Nations when students are given an in depth insight into the real-life experiences and stories of those who lived through these times. 



3 Day Sample itinerary

Day 1


Daytime flight and transfer to your accommodation.


Time permitting take a guided tour of Kazimierz (the Jewish District), Podgorze (Wartime Ghetto) and the exterior of the Schindler Factory. If your visit is taking place in Winter we can schedule a stop at the Galicia Museum where you can warm up with a hot chocolate.


Evening meal at hotel.

Day 2


Full day visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau including a guided tour.


On return to Krakow we recommend free time for discussion and reflection.


Evening meal at your hotel.

Day 3


Time permitting visit the Galicia Museum to meet with a Concentration Camp Survivor or Member of the Righteous Among the Nations.


Transfer to the airport for your return flight back to the UK.


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