Home to some of the best museums and galleries in the world and a fantastic experience in it's own right, London has everything that anyone studying Photography could hope for.

On this trip, you will be our specialist tour guide Simon, who is a historian, tour guide and photographer with a particular interest in historical and architectural photography. He runs walking tours of London (www.secretlondonphotowalk.com), and regularly takes children and adults to the battlefields of the First World War, to Normandy and to Berlin, including for FHT's sister-company, Anglia Tours. He has exhibited his photographic work in London and Hertford, as well as through talks and presentations; and has been the artist-in-residence at the Guildhall Library in the City of London. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, he is currently studying for a PhD in history at Wolverhampton. 

Throughout this trip, you will also have opportunities to practice composition on the move, take a practical session on urban photography, do a night-time shoot and even run a portrait session. 

Take a look at our guided itinerary below.



Guided Itinerary

Day 1


Introduction to the course - Opportunity for initial questions, chance to explore specific student aspirations. Study/revision of core camera functions, ensuring that all students are comfortable in preparation for upcoming sessions. Composition exercise - Initial photo session in area around the hotel. Focus on compositional skills; students can be given specific compositional tasks to work on, either individually or in groups. Feedback/discussion session at hotel. Review of composition work.


Visit to Tate Britain or Tate Modern - Guided tour of section of museum focussed on one or more themes (eg JMW Turner and the use of light). Practical analytical exercise for students to respond to paintings and/or photographic images. Urban photography - Practical session on cityscapes and landscapes, using London as a backdrop. Return to hotel.


Night-time/evening photography (depending on sunset time). Exercises could include working with a tripod, controlling exposure in low light, white balance, light trails and starbursts, working in the golden hour and the blue hour.

Day 2


Debrief - Review of yesterday’s work, in particular the evening session. Portrait Photography - A portrait session in the area around the hotel, working in pairs. Using on-camera flash, reflectors and natural light. Posing and candid shots. How portraits tell stories. Feedback/discussion session.


National Portrait Gallery - Different approaches to portrait images, in painting and photography. Use of light to shape portrait images. Street Photography - Approaches to street photography, including legal issues. Practical work – strategies, techniques and approaches. Return to hotel - Final debrief. Review of work, Q&A. What have you learned and how will you apply it?