There are numerous links between the key themes which will be covered during Earth Summit 2022 and exam board specifications for A Level Geography, Geology and Environmental Studies and for A Level and BTEC for Science. Relevant topics include the following:

KS5 Geography


  • Ecosystems under stress
    • Ecosystems and sustainability - The concept of biodiversity
    • Local and global trends in biodiversity
    • Ecosystems and processes - Nature of ecosystems – their structure, energy flows, trophic levels, food chains and food webs
    • Ecosystems in the British Isles over time
  • Contemporary urban environments
    • Urban climate - The impact of urban forms and processes on local climate and weather
    • Other contemporary urban environmental issues
    • Sustainable urban development Impact of urban areas on local and global environments]


  • Climate Change:
    • How and why has climate changed in the geological past?
    • How and why has the era of industrialisation affected global climate?
    • Why is there a debate over climate change?
    • In what ways can humans respond to climate change?
    • Can an international response to climate change ever work?

Pearson Edexcel

  • People and Environment Issues
    • People and the biosphere – an overview of the global distribution and characteristics of large-scale ecosystems, why the biosphere is important to human wellbeing and how humans use and modify it in order to obtain resources
    • Forests under threat – a detailed study of tropical rainforests and the taiga, looking at processes and interactions and issues related to their biodiversity and to their sustainable use and management
    • Consuming energy resources – a study of renewable and non-renewable energy, its supply and demand, access and energy security issues, its sustainable use and management.

KS5 Science

AQA Biology

  • Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems

AQA Environmental Science

  • The living environment
  • The physical environment
  • Energy resources
  • Pollution
  • Biological resources
  • Sustainability

OCR Biology

  • Ecosystems
  • Populations and sustainability.

Pearson Edexcel Biology

  • Biodiversity and Natural Resources
  • On the Wild Side

WJEC Eduqas Biology

  • Human impact on the Environment