Our aim is to make trip planning as hassle free as possible for all our group leaders. Using the experiences we have gained over a number of year creating inspiring itineraries for student groups, we have provided an array of supporting documents to help ease the process at each step of your booking. In our resources zone below, you will find everything you need on your trip planning checklist.



ABTA Checklist for Disabled & Less Mobile Passengers

ABTA Protection List

ATOL Group Travel Leaflet

ATOL Peace of Mind

Coach & Rail Passenger List

Complaints Procedure

FHT Booking Conditions

FHT Customer Charter

FHT Final Information Sheet

Going Further & Higher in Europe

Inclusion Policy

Insurance Indemnity

Low Cost Air Passenger List with Issue Date

Low Cost Air Passenger List

Mobility Checklist

Pre and On Tour Safety Information

Safety Management System Policy

Scheduled Air Passenger List