Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully to ensure you are fully aware of all the information.


Period before departure in which you request to postpone your tour


Can I postpone?

Less than 12 weeks

Yes, you can request to postpone your tour to a later date within 12 months of your original departure date.  To do this, you should initially email your main customer contact to discuss a postponement.

12 weeks or more

No, this promise will not apply to your booking and any charges or fees set out in our Booking Terms and Conditions for cancellations or amendments will apply.

These postponement terms only apply if your booking is affected by Covid-19 and do not apply in the case of disinclination to travel.


Will I be charged administration fees to postpone?

We will not charge your group any administration fees for changing your departure dates.

Will my tour price change?

If you request a postponement and we are able to meet such request, the postponement will be subject to any costs and charges incurred by us and/or incurred or imposed by any of our suppliers in making this change.  This may be more likely on flight tours. We will discuss with you any flexibility on your new dates in order to get the best price for you.

What about my deposit?

Where you postpone a tour booking, the initial deposits you paid to us will be carried over to your new date of departure and we will ensure that all your arrangements are changed to this later date. If you have paid amounts additional to the initial deposits, we will be able to discuss your payments with you. Wherever possible, we will do all we can to keep your tour price the same and will not charge our administration fee.

What if I have already postponed my trip?

If you have already postponed your tour under this promise, you will be able to postpone your rearranged trip if your new travel dates are affected by Covid-19 travel restrictions in the future. This is until the promise is no longer valid at which point we will discuss with you on an individual basis.



Where we cancel your booking

Where we cancel your tour, we will:

  1. tell you as soon as possible
  2. offer you the chance to postpone your booking; and
  3. work with you to discuss a series of suitable alternative dates for you and your group where you would like to accept these changed arrangements.

If available and where we offer one, you will have the option to accept an offer of an alternative tour (and we will refund any price difference if the alternative is of a lower value).  

What if I can’t postpone?

If you are not able to postpone your booking you will be issued with a Refund Credit Note for the full value of your tour, which is financially protected by ABTA. Alternatively, we would ask you to pursue a claim with the travel insurance company and/or the school/college RPA business insurance. We will do our best to help you where we can. We advise you to check before booking with your school business insurance whether cancellation would be covered – many policies do cover this.

Alternatively we will provide a full refund only 

  • If STF Travel Sure insurance / school or college RPA / Government backed indemnity insurance will not cover your claim
  • To bookings made before 1st April 2023 for travel from 1st September 2021
  • If you are due to travel within the next 21 days
  • If the FCDO advise against travel to your destination
  • Mandatory quarantine is required upon arriving in your destination or upon returning home from your destination
  • If a national lockdown in the UK prevent your departure
  • If you have adhered to the payment schedule
  • If you cancel as a group. Standard terms and conditions will apply if individual travellers choose to cancel


What about insurance?

Please see your travel insurance requirements in our Booking Terms and Conditions. Where we cancel your booking we would ask you to pursue a claim with your travel insurance company and/or the school/college RPA business insurance.

If you opt out of taking our included insurance you will not benefit from the cover detailed in the policy documents and should ensure you have adequate insurance cover for all party members.