Our Criminology, Psychology & Sociology student trips are a fantastic way to bring sixth form, college, and university learning to life for studies at BTEC.

Criminology is a hugely popular and growing subject for students ages 16+. A tour for Criminology students is a great opportunity to learn about the history and background of the topic and to also see places of work to learn more about how crime is policed and by who in the present day.

Covering topics ranging from Victorian crime and capital punishment to the quandary of surveillance in modern policing, our London criminology trips offer excellent value for money. On our unique London visit, you’ll be guided across the city by experienced professionals from the WorkSecure Group. With backgrounds in law enforcement, policing, the military, intelligence, education, social work and outreach, they’ll be able to offer insider perspectives on all sorts of fascinating discussion points.

You can choose visit Berlin or Krakow to discover the torrid past of these cities to find out more about how the law was abused by the Nazis and the legacy they left behind. These are ideal destinations to visit if you team up with your Psychology or Sociology departmenrts.  

If you're looking to travel further afield then a trip to New York will give you the fantastic opportunity to take in the UN Building and learn more about how public services are run such as the FDNY. The best place to start learning about the tumultuous past of crime in New York is the Ellis Island Immigration Museum followed by a guided tour around the Tenement Museum to discover what life was like for immigrants in the 19th Century. 

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