At Further & Higher Travel we have a wide variety of exciting destinations to captivate and inspire those studying Geography, Geology & Environmental Studies at A Level and BTEC.

FHT offer a wide range of geography trips, from the Lost city of Pompeii to the heights of Mount Vesuvius, adventures in Iceland to our new and exclusive Earth Summit Seminar in Manchester.

We pride ourselves on making sure your sixth form or college Geography, Geology or Environmental Studies trip is personally tailored to meet you and your students’ needs. Using expert guides, workshops, and hand-on learning experiences, we can bring your textbooks to life – and give your students worthy information that they will remember throughout the rest of their studies.

We have many unique locations of geographical significance that will allow them to immerse themselves into local culture and way of life. These educational geography tours will enhance the content of any geographical course, inspire them for their future studies and leave you and your students with memories for a lifetime. 

Please contact our student trip experts at FHT Group Tours today for your competitively priced quotation. We look forward to inspiring you on your next educational geography, geology or environmental studies trip in the UK or abroad.

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