A Health, Social Care & Early Years educational trip at A Level, BTEC, T Level or City & Guilds can really open your students’ eyes to how social issues are managed and care is conducted in other countries.

From touring Amsterdam’s streets with people who used to sleep on them, to visiting orphanages in Budapest, our Health and Social Care student trips can help your students gain unparalleled understanding of the hardships many people face.

On our healthcare study visits, students can explore care approaches across a range of different environments. From midwifery and radiology training at Prague’s College of Nursing, to occupational therapy at a drug rehabilitation centre in Barcelona. Plus, there’s the chance to see innovative work taking place at the city’s Institut Guttmann, which specialises in spinal cord injury, brain injury, and other neurological disabilities.    

We also offer sixth form, college, and university student trips for those studying Early Years education. With opportunities to explore alternative approaches at Reggio Emilia and Montessori schools in beautiful northern Italy, your students can learn the history of the founders’ groundbreaking theories, and how they emerged after the war.   

Whatever your subjects of interest, FHT is sure to deliver an eye-opening, educational, and completely unforgettable Health, Social Care & Early Years trip.

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