Psychology & Sociology

What better way for sixth-form school, college or university students to learn about psychology and sociology than by experiencing theories applied to real life events?

We arrange educational study trips to destinations around the world, where pupils can build on their  knowledge and enjoy a stimulating learning experience.

Our  study trips can take students to various destinations; learn about WWII’s link with the subject on a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Berlin or to Auschwitz-Birkenau in Krakow. Explore the Freud Museum in London and learn about social wellbeing with a trip to New York’s UN Building. These are just some of the psychology field trips we can arrange, which have been created based on the curriculum and designed to offer a captivating take on the subject.

If you want to give students a fascinating insight into the science behind the mind, contact our travel experts today and we’ll be happy to plan the perfect educational psychology trip.

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