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Science & Technology

Getting out of the school lab can be a great way for science & technology students to learn about the wider world first-hand, and engage with the fascinating subject matter on their school curriculum.

Often, Science and Technology curriculums are based on learning about the world around us. That's why it can prove invaluable for students to step out of the school science lab to engage with their subject matter first-hand.

From the geysers and waterfalls filling Iceland's landscapes, to Geneva's uniquely inspiring CERN facility, we have created exciting curriculum-linked educational Science trips to enhance your studies. Whether you teach Sixth Form, A-level or University groups, we have developed fascinating science field trips with our product experts – each delivered by our experienced and dedicated student group travel team.

Our consultants have an intimate knowledge of your subject and destination can develop a itinerary driven by your study themes. So, if you are planning a student science trip, contact Further and Higher Travel today for the best value Science trip packages.

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