Whether Foundation or Degree Level Art & Design trips for university students are an absolutely essential part of studying a creative course.

From visiting world-famous works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, to checking out street art at Berlin’s East Side Gallery our college art and design trips are dotted across the globe. Heading to a different destination on educational art trips can provide a wealth of inspiration for art students, opening eyes and minds to a world of alternate mediums – from sculpture in Spain, to the classics in Paris.

At FHT, we specialise in art tours that match your specific study topics, inspire your students, and bring the subject to life in new and fascinating ways. Whichever destination you choose, our in-house subject specialists can plan every last detail of your art study tours on your behalf.  

We’ll craft an itinerary that suits Degree and Foundation students, planning in museum trips, workshops and lectures based on your specifications. Our team will also arrange accommodation that fits around your itinerary with ease.

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