Both Holly and Aly are fantastic. Perfect service. Patient and good listeners

Sidmouth College | Barcelona

FHT is always reliable and flexible: you understand the requirements of university students and the realities of their finances and you have always provided excellent value for their limited money

Anglia Ruskin University | Rome

Excellent customer service. Replied quickly to multiple questions and provided clear, relevant information.

Westwood College | New York

Aly was a pleasure to communicate with. Everything was completed to a very efficient standard. Thank you.

Wallace High School | Iceland

From start to finish everything was dealt with very well. Any issues were dealt with so promptly that it didn't seem there was an issue in the first place.

University of York | Prague

Great service, very good hostel (perfect for students),travel all worked. Impressive customer service

University of Gloucestershire | Berlin

Aly Ghergheluca was excellent to deal with.

University of Cumbria | New York

Laura was fantastic throughout!

University of Chichester | Barcelona